Monday, 22 March 2010

It Is Time...

To move away from Macro photography, sad faces all around for me but I will surely return to it soon enough.
It seems my theme has changed from what I said it was going to be, with all this macro it looks like the theme is "Things the naked eye doesn't see", and I would be happy to continue with these.
For this weeks shoot I am going to do do high speed photography to capture images of things that would usually happen in the blink of an eye, things that people don't usually see because it happens so fast. I think to capture these fragile moments would be a challenge because of timing but I glady accept this to see what I can achieve.

In my knowledge of photography, high speed photography requires ALOT of light, so to do this, I am going to use a two head lighting kit made by Bowens, the kit in question (I will get the model numbers later) is high powered so will be useful for possible close ups or standard shooting.

I can't wait to get stuck into this week and start shooting tonight!

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